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The word logistics is originally from Greece and
means slightly transformed: 

        “The complex of actions resulting in the 
         fact that the required goods reaches   
         the right customer, in the right place,  
         in the right quantity and on the right 

The increasing globalisation means, that goods,
people and information freely can move without
trade obstacles or other barriers of logistical  
nature for the cargo transport.

To a great extent this has changed the supply
chains of the customers with increasing        
demands for optimisation and rationalisation to
safeguard the security of supply, in as much as
the globalisation has increased the need for   
intercontinental – continental – and domestic

Quite naturally this increases the demands to the
carrier and his global network, global experience
and ability to combine the necessary elements
into those individual transport solutions and levels
of information demanded by the customers.

We dispose of these elements safeguarding the
security of supply through global multimodal
transport systems by road, rail, sea and air and
local warehousing – freight terminal – and   
distribution facilities – always